Sustainable bio-cosmetics made in Italy

Face masks and serum without water as per Korean tradition

Naturari is a cosmetic brand with ingredients rich in precious synergies between the various botanical components that ensure a fundamental multifunctional activity in order to simplify your beauty routine using a few targeted products. The masks and the serum are made with only active ingredients without adding water.

The products are made in Italy in all their components; we also pay particular attention to packaging, avoiding plastic also for labels.

Our mission is to ensure safe products that protect people and the environment, and to demonstrate our constant commitment, we collaborate with LifeGate for the protection of the Amazon rainforest with the “Stand up Forests” program.

Moisturizing face range

The Moisturizing face range with Aloe Vera, Alaria Seaweed and Hyaluronic Acid is conceived as an effective ultra-moisturizing treatment with a filler effect.
Suitable for all skin types, even young ones, it is particularly suitable for normal, combination skin or with a tendency to dehydration, hypolipia and early loss of elasticity and tone.
Also suitable for the most sensitive and impure skin that needs to calm redness and make the skin less reactive. The mask is made with only active ingredients without adding water.

Anti-aging Face range

The Anti-aging Face range with Silk Proteins, Colloidal Gold And Collagen is suitable for all skin types, in particular for mature, devitalized, tired skins or with signs of stress or time.

Its precious ingredients are formulated to help smooth out wrinkles, give firmness and plump to see again a hydrated, revitalized and radiant skin. The mask and the serum are made with only active ingredients without adding water.

body range

The body range consists of a nourishing treatment based on banana and apricot extracts with the exotic scent of monoi. It has nourishing, anti-free radical, emollient and revitalizing properties.

The elasticizing treatment based on Rosehip and Orchid with a delicate fragrance of wild Orchid is also recommended during pregnancy or diet regimens in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks and mitigate existing ones.


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