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Can I mix different ranges?

All ranges can be combined with each other, but if you want to solve a specific problem, we suggest you to use all the products in a range that will act in synergy, for a more visible result.

For example, you can use a moisturising cream for the day and an anti-ageing cream for the evening.

Can men use Naturari products?

The products are also suitable for male skin and formulated with non-greasy textures. The fragrances of the face creams, serum and masks are very delicate and unisex and do not affect the fragrance of any perfumes applied afterwards.

From what age should I start using an anti-ageing?

There is no a suggested specific age, as it depends a lot from person to person. In general, it is preferable to start using this type of treatment from the age of 24

What is a serum for?

Serum is a highly effective treatment that is used before the face cream to enhance its effects.

The serum is formulated with an extremely light and rapidly absorbed texture.

Do the products have a expiry date?

Once they have been opened, the products have a duration about 12 months. This is shown on the product label with the symbol of the container.


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