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Our essence


Naturari is a company born from the need to create an authentic and top quality product that combines natural ingredients with a highly effective formulation. We strongly believe in conscious choices, we know that the skin tells a lot about us, that is why we have formulated products with high tolerability, that help normalize the epidermis and that do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.

The high and rigorous quality of Naturari components and the explicit and conscious choice to privilege the functional properties of the products makes our treatments highly effective.

Our headquarters are located in Milan and all products are made in Italy.

Nature and Science

Naturari’s ingredients are rich in precious synergies between the various botanical components and ensure a fundamental multifunctional activity in order to simplify your beauty routine by using few strategic products.

The serum and Naturari masks are an infusion of pure energy for the skin, made with only active ingredients without any addition of water; they draw inspiration from the Korean tradition to obtain the ultimate glass skin

Naturally Naturari

We wanted to develop a genuine natural product, free of harmful substances and designed for sensitive and reactive skin. Naturari formulations have the ability to reduce skin reactivity thanks to the absence of harmful chemicals and biological ingredients. We strongly wanted to privilege the botanical properties making Naturari a highly effective cosmetic line from the very first applications.

The absence of blacklisted ingredients (alcohol, PEG, mineral oils or their derivatives, propylene glycol, BHA, BHT, EDTA, SLS / SLES, parabens, allergenic perfumes, colorants, O.G.M. components) reflects the company’s mission.

Sustainable Packaging

The packaging is a very important element that reflects the nature of our choices and we want it to have the lowest possible environmental impact.

We only use the necessary packaging to protect the product, for this reason we have chosen not to add anything else to avoid unnecessary waste.

Our products are packaged in recycled glass jars, which is the most hygienic material capable of maintaining the treatments properties intact, and 35% recycled aluminum.

Both aluminum and glass have optimal characteristics for recycling: unlike plastic, they can be 100% and infinitely recycled, to give life to new products every time.

Their recycling allows a substantial saving of CO2 and does not draw on the natural resources of our planet.

For the labels, instead of the usual plastic, we use a material made of 60% certified paper coming from responsibly managed forests, and 40% post-consumer fiber recycling.


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